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Triangle is our not so new & favourite shape!

Toblerone Rebrand
Client: Monelez International
Work by: Bulletproof
Date: Sept 2021

Old logo on left and New logo on right
The famous Swiss chocolate known for its triangular shape just embraced its shape more than ever!


The Swiss confection was created in 1908 by Emil Baumann and Theodor Tobler, combining chocolate and chewy, nougat-based candy. In addition to creating the name, Theodor also came up with the chocolate’s form and packaging. Owned by Mondelez, Toblerone has stood out for over a century, largely thanks to its distinctive shape.

In a world full of rectangular and square chocolates, the brand worked with agency Bulletproof to create a revamped brand story and visual identity of its long tradition of being different.

Logo and script mark inspiration

The Details

"The new visual identity includes a redrawn wordmark, a complementary typeface and a modern and disruptive colour palette. The revitalisation of the Toblerone wordmark drew inspiration from the Toblerone archives, reintroducing the character of the original through bold quirks such as an off-centre counter in the ‘O’ and an unconventionally thickened base to the ‘E’. The new colour palette marks a move away from the chamois and gold of the past to a more confident and modern approach with eye catching wild bursts of contrasting colour.The creative elements also include a contemporary, yet quirky graphic style and a new ‘Tobler’ signature inspired by the founder’s sign-off on an archive poster. The redesign also modernised and streamlined the mountain logo, in line with the geometric and ‘be more triangle’ aesthetic, while retaining its famous hidden bear. All visual executions, including on pack, supporting brand world and digital communications, are based on three core design principles:

“Defined by our edges” “strikingly different” “vibrantly positive”

said, Bulletproof.

Logo, flat logo and Script.

Custom Type Family.


New packaging embraces the same principles retaining the triangular shape of box, obviously.

Although, Logo shadow creates even more contrast with the black being swapped for blue and bottom of logo overlaps a panel fold of quirky and distinctive touch.

While the packaging; the hidden bear remains in the new Matterhorn, symbol of Toblerone’s Bern, Switzerland’s birthplace. It is more triangular in shape and appears above the logo instead of the side.

Toblerone also worked with the digital production company, Media Monks, to create new DTC e-commerce website. Vibrant color palettes and features such as gift customized with seven bold packaging designs with ability to add recipient’s name and personalized message.

Identity elements.

Packaging variations

Packaging details

New website matching the new core values

Word of the Creatives

"The Toblerone team, Bulletproof and Media Monks collaborated to create a new direct-to-consumer UK ecommerce website that shifts the conventional online gift shop towards a more unexpected user experience. offers a curated assortment of personalised gifting ideas and content that amplify and celebrate the uniqueness of relationships, and events that chime with the purpose of celebrating individuality.

Aiming to take personalisation to the next level, it launched with ‘Send a Feeling’, a gifting occasion that allows people to select a 6x100g bar bundle to send a feeling in support and celebration of those individual moments that matter. These sentiments are evoked through limited-edition pack design that features personalised messages. The pack is inspired by the new brand world and includes the new Toblerone typeface and wordmark, Tobler signature and redrawn mountain, combined with vibrant illustrations that embrace the new brand purpose. Expressing the different feelings in weird and wonderful ways, the illustrations are full of the new brand vibrancy and expressive quirks, saluting the triangle, the edges and individuality in all.

The launch also highlights the ambitious motion principles of the brand – an integral part of the work – with the brand assets brought to life through bold, clean graphics in unexpected and dynamic ways."

“Delving into the archive and the founder’s story informed the new brand purpose. Toblerone champions the triangles: those who dare to be different, to be themselves, who dare to stand against conformity and unleash their ingenuity.”

As of now,Gift shop is live!

New brand identity is effective with packaging rolling out coming months.


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