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The Weekly Report #1

Week: 01 Aug 22 - 05 Aug 22


In a nutshell,

Has the internet ever been so upset about such a small change? This week, Instagram's Chief Adam Mosseri responded to backlash over the platform’s shift to video, while Meta launched an updated Facebook feed format. But wait - Gen-Z is the first generation to see a decreasing use of social media!

Let’s get social!

Instagram’s Chief Details App’s shift to video

This happened

In the wake of a wave of criticism regarding Instagram’s move towards video and away from its photo-sharing roots, it’s algorithm placing more and more reels and suggested content into users feeds, Instagram chief Adam Mosseri released a video statement saying that the app is going to keep focusing on video. Moserri stated that the app will continue to support photos but that move away from them is driven by user behavior; sharing and viewing of videos is growing, and “we’re gonna have to lean into that shift.”

The Lesson

There is a shift in user behavior, and sharing and views of video is growing, but part of this growth is due to Instagram’s changing algorithm that prioritizes video content. The negative sentiment towards the Instagram experience is wide-reaching, even Kylie Jenner spoke out against it, and it’s in the best interest of digital marketers and brands who use the platform to monitor these sentiments and how the platform chooses to respond. We may very well see Instagram make changes to it’s user experience in the near future.

Meta launches updated Facebook feed format

This happened

Facebook is going to roll out a new Feeds tab, and we’re just going to leave it at that. But we wouldn’t be doing our jobs if we didn’t explain exactly how in-depth the announcement was and give you some context. The main UI will now be split into a Home feed, which will primarily focus on recommended content as well as a a new Feeds tab, where you’ll be able to view the latest posts in different categories, including Favorites, Friends, Groups, and more in chronological order. The app will still open to a personalized feed on the Home tab, where our discovery engine will recommend the content, but the Feeds tab will give users a way to customize their experience.

The Lesson

It looks as if Meta is trying to recreate TikTok’s for-you-page experience within Facebook, automatically showing users content suggested by the algorithm while giving them the choice to browse like they traditionally have on the platform to see updates of family and friends. While it remains to be seen if users will interact with Facebook like they do on TikTok, but this new change is an opportunity for brands and creators to make thumb-stopping content that will be suggested on people’s feeds. This highly visible placement will be great for brands looking to establish connections with consumers, one of the main uses of the platform.

TikTok is the fastest growing source of news for adults in the UK

This happened

According to a survey from the UK, TikTok is the fastest growing news source among adults in the UK, with currently 7% of adults using the app as a news source, compared to 1% in 2020. It’s also been reported that 40 percent of Gen Z (individuals use either TikTok or Instagram for searches to find things like where to eat and where to shop instead of Google or Apple Maps. Among 12 to 15 year olds, the skew towards getting news from social media is even higher. The top three digital news sources for this group are Instagram (29%), then YouTube and TikTok (both at 28%).

The Lesson

This is fascinating news and an indication that we need to start thinking of TikTok as a search engine in the way that we view platforms like YouTube or Reddit. t’s a reminder for us to include elements like keywords and calls-to-action, but also to create content knowing that users are actively searching for it. If you’re in the makeup industry or the food industry, or even travel, people are looking for what to eat, what to where, and where to go on the app, so tailoring content towards that on TikTok will help it stand out.

Twitter shares new insights into the rise of health and wellness discussion

This happened

Discussions related to health and wellness have been increasing in the wake of Covid-19, especially on Twitter, and the platform released a report detailing this trend. Some of the key findings included that wellness conversations have seen an 84% increase in impressions year-over-year, Twitter users are increasingly looking to inform and encourage one another on health-related topics, and men are now equally engaged with health related topics.

The Lesson

It’s important to recognize the kinds of conversations happening on social platforms, and brands dedicated towards mental health or health in general should take note of this trend and look to join users in this conversation. Brands should look to help empower their audiences and foster community as we all look towards healthier ways of living.

Gen-Z shapes the new Social Media era

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According to a report by Pew Research Center, Gen-Z is the only generation to see recent declines in social media use. It reported less use of every social media app last fall, except for TikTok. They instead operated across a variety of smaller apps, each of which serves a distinct function: Twitch for live-streaming and gaming, Discord for private chat groups, BeReal for spontaneous updates, or Poparazzi for candid photos of friends.

The Lesson

This new generational shift is worth noting; Gen-Z came of age in the prime of social media and has been exposed to it for their entire lives. This trend towards smaller, more specific apps means that brands and digital marketers will need to start looking to the future beyond traditional social media plans. These more niche apps offer opportunities for authentic and genuine connections, things Gen-Z especially looks for when making purchases and consuming content. All in all, the future of social is changing and Gen-Z is leading the charge.


That’s all for this week - See you again!

Source: 5 things The Podcast by Grey

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