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Report#4: YouTube Dives Deeper into Podcasts

Week: 29 Aug 22 - 02 Sep 22


In a nutshell,

  1. Instagram tests new BeReal-Inspired feature, IG candid

  2. YouTube launches dedicated podcast platform

  3. TikTok tests new “Nearby” Aggregation feature

  4. HBOMax launches localized “House of the Dragon” Activation with Snapchat

  5. Twitter shares ad tools for Marketers ahead of the holiday season

Let’s get social!

1. Instagram Tests New BeReal-Inspired Feature, IG Candid

This happened

After this year’s rapid adoption of new social media platform, BeReal, Instagram has confirmed that they’re testing a feature with similar functionality called IG Candid. After recently adding a ‘Dual’ camera feature, the platform is now testing the use of a daily prompt asking IG users to take a front-facing selfie and back-facing photo of what they’re up to, sent a random time each day to all app users.

The Lesson

BeReal has continued to dominate social growth-specifically with younger users this year. This week it was even announced that the app has reached 10 million daily active users. A priority reason for users flocking to the app is because of its authentic approach to keeping friends connected, without feeling the need to curate or perfect your content in a permanent feed. As social platforms are nothing the importance of this approach to social content, we’ll likely see many more platforms implement spur-of-the moment prompts and features that help provoke spontaneity and honest posts.

2. YouTube Launches Dedicated Podcast Platform

This happened

This week, YouTube launched a dedicated podcast page,, as video and audio content continue to merge across distribution platforms. Right now, the page is only accessible to US audiences via direct link or through YouTube’s Explore Page. The content hub will aggregate trending show and channels, which have already seen huge audience pickup over the last several years, as many podcast creators have already taken advantage of audience appetite for supplementing video content to their episodes.

The Lesson

Audio content, driven by personality-led podcasts, has continued its steady increase in volume and listener count as platforms find new and engaging ways to help audiences find the content most relevant to them and provide the new ways to interact with the medium. After noticing how much organic audio-related video content was hosted on the platform, YouTube has found a natural strategy to help creators not only amplify their audio content, but also help video-first makers find new ways to reach audiences beyond typical vlogs.

3. TikTok Tests New ’Nearby’ Aggregation Feature

This happened

TikTok has announced they’re testing a new platform feature called ’Nearby’ designed to showcase video locally to nearby users. Through limited tests, the platform has displayed this new tab alongside the existing “For You” and “Following” feeds in users’ home feed.

It’s not yet confirmed if this will aggregate all public content that’s created in a specific area, or just content that’s linked to a location via creator tag.

The Lesson

Paired with TikTok’s highly effective algorithm, this feature could prove to be an even better way to display personalized and relevant content to users, specifically for smaller creators or businesses. This also offers brands a chance to improve their discoverability by sharing content and offering special perks to potential shoppers nearby. As the platform may recommend hyper-specific content to users, there are endless opportunities for restaurants to showcase specials, clothing stores to offer limited release items, experiences and destinations to offer exclusive access, and more, via the feature.

4. HBO Max Launches Localized ‘House of the Dragon’ Activation in Snapchat

This happened

To build excitement for the launch of ‘Game of Thrones’ spinoff, ‘House of the Dragon’, HBO Max teamed up with Snap to launch a series of geo- targeted AR experiences in select local markets. By tapping into a diverse, global group of AR Lens Creators, the campaign is able to offer unique interactive experiences in the real-life environments like Venice Beach in California, the Princess Isabel Statue in Rio de Janeiro, the Tower Bridge in London and more. In addition to the current localized experiences, the activations’ content will evolve throughout the season as new dragons are introduced in the show.

The Lesson

Keeping in mind that ‘GoT’ fans are constantly craving more of the show’s content, HBOMax has tapped into the kind of personalized and engaging experiences that Snapchat users love to interact with on the platform. By creating an activation that’s unique to each market, as well as consistent evolving throughout the season, fans will consistently have access to new ways to interact with the show and share content with friends.

5. Twitter Shares Ad Tips for Marketers Ahead of the Holiday Season

This happened

As brands begin planning for 2023’s social strategy and content, Twitter hosted a conversation via Twitter Spaces this week to help advertisers understand how best to use the platform. One prominent takeaway was for marketers to take note of important cultural moments that prompt conversation on Twitter specifically, and be prepared to jump in with brand- relevant messaging. By using hashtags and eye-catching visuals, brands can find engagement and affinity by sharing a point of view with fans.

The Lesson

Throughout the conversation, Twitter shared many other best practices that help marketers stay up to speed with what’s most successful on the platform. Some notable specifics are that videos should stay between 6-15 seconds, concise tweets (50-100 characters) tend to perform best, and that CTA’s are highly valuable in tweet copy so consumers know the desired action to take. By holding this conversation in their native audio feature, they also gave brands a new way to engage and consider the medium for future content.


That’s all for this week - See you again!

Source: Social & Connections - Grey New York, The Verge, Social Media Today and TechCrunch

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