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#3: Advertising Partnership

Thursday, Sep 22, 2022

Dhaalu Republic x ESKMI

We have partnered with ESKIMI to provide programmatic advertising in the Maldives.

Over a year as an organization, our hands were tied unable to offer much needed marketing to our clients due to lack of data accuracy and wasted impression. We refused to strategize with a hunch or a gut feeling and reporting limited to social media and this is where this partnership will do wonders for brands in the Maldives.

We are delighted to announce this partnership and introduce an efficient and precise approach of advertising for our clients who now has a wider, targeted adtech platform that generate leads.

ESKIMI is the award-winning marketing +1 to our Brand Consultancy to plan, execute, and optimize high-performing ad campaigns with engaging custom rich media creatives and advanced targeting.

Trusted by organizations such as Ogilvy, Pepsi, AT&T, mediacom. Curated campaigns to brands such as, Nike, Samsung, Coca-cola, Barclays, Airtel and more. With this partnership, we begin to provide more than just a cost-effective choice; it enables brands to establish connections with countless high-quality publishers, generate custom reports of campaign performance and target audience, and reach new levels of engagement and conversion.

This service will be an addition to our Brand Consultancy Retainer and we look forward to provide more details and introduce ESKIMI further.

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