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#2: The Big Bang Theory of Creative Agencies

Wednesday, Nov 17, 2021

Dear reader,

It all begins like this;

Your brand is all about your Audience. You know it. The person next to you knows it - it’s public knowledge! And you remember the golden days it was easier to keep up with change. Your audience used to be limited. On the streets and on the televisions (feels like it was a century ago). It may not be brand new information but, hello - entrepreneurs and innovators! Your audience is a parade. As the father of advertising and founder of a world-renowned agency (Ogilvy & Mathers) says,

“You aren’t advertising to a standing army; you are advertising to a moving parade.” - David Ogilvy

what does that mean?

Your audience is a moving parade! With what you used to keep up in months now changes overnight and it’s been a rough ride. We understand the rollercoaster you are on. You are not alone. That’s right! Everybody knows and everybody is on the same ride as you. With the internet, everything is public knowledge now. With all the business experts sharing their stories and big secrets to success, techniques, and tips - everything you know is public knowledge. It’s hard to keep up and know what’s right to do.

The public knowledge

It has given us benefits and downfalls too. All due to a world booming with products and brands we are all struggling to stay ahead. With the ever-changing and evolving technology and social media, it’s even harder to keep up. You had to get to know your audience all over again.

Your audience appreciates art, purpose, and stories. They see it, they know it and they all feel it. Your parade moves to emotions. It’s no big secret, we know and everyone knows. And it was smart of us to go for the creatives.

And that’s the Big Bang of marketing and advertising agencies!

Next thing you know there’s an agency for everything. Branding agencies, website agencies, social media agencies with all the tips and tricks. We all dove right into it. Everybody hired agencies for projects and campaigns. And it worked!

An agency is known to make products and companies known and shine. With various skills from copywriting to motion graphics. They do the work of learning your audience for you. To make your product sell. Known. Loved and ofcourse top the sales (cha-ching!) and it worked too - until it doesn’t anymore!

Words for the wise

Remember how David Ogilvy said your audience is a moving parade? And we said the internet made everything you know is public knowledge - Viola!

Everybody is doing the same thing. The social media campaigns don’t work anymore. The YouTube video that promised you followers and engagement doesn’t work anymore. News flash! Your audience is still moving. And you took the next best advice. Consistency! Consistency comes with patience and you’ve been doing that for quite some time but you don’t see results yet. Trust us, we‘ve been there and we know how you feel. So we thought about what would be a creative solution to that.

Cue the drum roll!

We came up with a creative agency! - wait, We extended our very own Creative Crew aka dhaalu Créatif!

Dhaalu Republic's sole purpose is to test the waters and take risks. We are grateful for the talented crew we have built and grown together. We extended our crew with a state-of-the-art holistic approach that brands need.

It's not for everyone. Within dhaalu Créatif is a Creative Collective that's structured to assure creative solutions for the finest brands with potential to be more and be great again. Simply put;

A brand-focused, storytelling creative agency that chooses quality over quantity to provide full-circle consistent solutions to build a timeless brand.

One that works with you, all in-for the long haul!

although for everyone, Créatif will be at your reach across social media (Linkedin, Instagram & Twitter), your source to understand and learn what really a brand is, and the everchanging and evolving Social Media aka the internet - which we are giving you the heads up, a new wave is coming.

Meanwhile, we hope these letters find you well and guides you with your business; from two entrepreneurs to another! thank you for tagging along on our voyage.



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